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“When I go boating, even a short time on the water feels great. You just cast off the ropes and are immediately in the right mood; you’re free. And even hanging at the dock is nice. The proximity of the water and the boat sets your mind at ease.”

With our premium boats, comfort has been taken into account at each stage. The acoustic and ergonomics of our boats have been designed to support your wellbeing with high-quality natural materials. Each boat needs a skipper, and each skipper deserves a comfortable position to steer the boat from. We have also made sure that this is the case with our boats

CAVA 350

CAVA 350 is the first boat built by Jade Boats, born out of a love for wooden boats and passion for getting out on the water. We have created a boat that is perfect for both pleasure boating and use as a tender for larger yachts due to its efficient size. The experience begins at the dock.

Cremant 750

Coming Soon!
Though the size of the boat and the crew are increased, the connection to nature remains. In Cremant 750, the spirit and ideas of Jade Boats are allowed to fully flourish in the carefully designed lines, the handcrafted wood, and the cozy interior.

Nature and Environmental Friendliness Must Be Included in Everything We Do

Use of natural materials increases the comfort of both those who use the boats and those who build them, as the finest qualities of the materials can be highlighted in the construction of the boat. Due to decades of experience, Jade Boats builds unique vessels that offer high aesthetic quality. Each detail has been carefully considered to ensure that we can all feel better now and in the future.

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