Materials and responsibility

Nature and environmental friendliness must be included in everything we do

This is not a value or a choice for us but instead our way of living and being. This is the reason why the materials used for Jade Boats are chosen principally with nature in mind. And the best thing is that environmental friendliness, practicality, and high aesthetic quality can all fit in the same boat. We have made no compromises, quite the opposite actually. The unique characteristics molded by nature are transferred from the wood, flax, and cork we use to our boats through skilled hands.

We only use high-quality and ecological materials in the manufacture of our boats


Flax is one of the oldest known cultivated plants, which is no wonder. It offers unparalleled characteristics: it is highly resistant to wear, retains its shape, and feels comfortable to touch. Flax reduces vibrations and sounds effectively, and it does not generate dust when processed, which makes it perfect for boatbuilding.

Solid Wood and Wood Veneer

Wood’s soul is in its grain. We use FSC certified wood for finishing the decks and interiors of our boats, which immediately makes each boat a unique classic. As a material, wood withstands the test of time and endures in use. Options include mahogany, oak, ash, elm, teak, or walnut.


Versatile cork forms the heart of our boats. Cork is a water-repellent material that also reduces vibrations, dampens noise, and insulates against heat effectively due to its compressibility. This means that you do not have to sacrifice comfort even when picking up speed or attacking bigger waves.


Eco-Friendly Epoxy Resin

We laminate our boats using an eco-friendly epoxy resin made with renewable ingredients. Our vacuum infusion lamination process ensures that we utilize the eco-friendly epoxy to its fullest capacity. This ensures uniform, lightweight, and stiff results without wasted materials.

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