Electric Motorboats Handmade in Finland

Modern Boats With Electric Drives Built by Hand in Central Finland

The luxurious Jade Boats are built working with the grain. To us, boating is not about knots, nautical miles, or horsepower and instead what matters is the freedom and the state of mind. With Jade Boats, we wanted to create conditions where the journey was more important than the destination.

“Your boat should definitely give you that wow feeling. When you return to the dock and pull on the cover, you just have to turn back to take another look at the boat and think about the next time you can take it out on the water. “At Jade Boats, we want to break barriers and make people look at electric boats in a different way. Even though a boat is a utility item, it should also be beautiful to look at. It should be free of visible clutter, the engine should be hidden, each surface should be unbroken, and the hand feel is also important. If something was designed to withstand the test of time and endure use, it should also please the eye.

Why should you choose a motorboat built by Jade Boats?


First-Class Boat Design

Unique design with classic lines. Modern style meets classic character.


Modern Boatbuilding

The hull of the boat is made from flax fiber composites infused with eco-friendly epoxy resin. The core is made from cork.


Enjoyable and Almost Silent Operation

The boat is equipped with an electric pod motor. The only sound you hear is from the boat moving through water. The electric drive allows for easy and enjoyable boating.


Boats Built in Central Finland

All our boats are manufactured in Central Finland using responsible methods. Materials are chosen principally with respect to nature.

Building a New Future for Boating with Electric Motors

At Jade Boats, we swear by electric waterway transport. While electricity and water do not typically mix, we believe that electric motors offer a new future for boating. Where today’s boats produce exhaust emissions and unnecessary noise, electric motors offer the full luxury experience.

Hearts Stolen by a Mahogany Boat

It all began on the road to a country cottage in Sumiainen: Despite its rundown appearance, a mahogany boat abandoned outside of a house stole the hearts of the men in the Malinen family. There was no going back: Sights had been set for the mahogany boat.

Environmental Friendliness, Practicality, and Aesthetic Quality in the Same Boat

Nature and environmental friendliness must be included in everything we do. This is not a value or a choice for us but instead our way of living and being. This is the reason why the materials used for Jade Boats are chosen principally with nature in mind.

Let Your Mind Rest

“The bow of the boat cuts neatly through the water, letting the waves kiss the sides without sound. In the end, only a small ripple remains behind you, as you continue toward the horizon. “

The stern of CAVA 350 was designed to almost touch the surface of the water. This allows the passengers to feel as if they themselves are part of the body of water below them. The quiet motor also allows you to get closer to birds, and even an otter has been spotted frolicking near the bow of a CAVA 350. So, pack a basket and go on a picnic with your family, enjoy the nature as you travel through picturesque scenery, or take the boat out for a nice spin for no particular reason. Jade Boats offers a perfect solution for both relaxation and enjoyment.

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