CAVA 350

CAVA 350

An electric boat with a 1kw motor.

CAVA 350 is the first boat built by Jade Boats, born out of a love for wooden boats and passion for getting out on the water. We have created a boat that is perfect for both pleasure boating and use as a tender for larger yachts due to its efficient size. The experience begins at the dock.

We wanted to build a boat that offered pure luxury in terms of both operation and appearance. The design and shape of CAVA 350 were drafted down to the finest detail to fulfill the dreams of all boat users. The boat was designed for enjoyment and pleasure, and we are sure you will not be in a hurry to leave it behind.

  • Length of hull: 3,6 m
  • Beam: 1.4 m
  • Draft: 0.5 m
  • Unladen mass: circa 140 kg
  • Maximum capacity: 3-4 person
  • Motor power: 1 kW or 3 kW
  • Standard battery: 1,3 kWh (1kw engine) or 3kWh (3kW engine)
  • Top speed: 5 knots (1kW) and 6.5 knots (3kW)
  • Operating range: +20 nautical miles
  • Seats
  • Harbor cover
  • Accessories and customization agreed separately with the customer

Enjoy the Natural Soundscape While on the Boat

The technical and structural solutions of CAVA 350 allow you to enjoy the natural soundscape while on your boat. For the hull and interior of the boat, we have selected materials that reduce vibration and noise to ensure that, for example, a swell hitting the side of the boat or the sounds of your passengers moving around will not reverberate distractingly. The quiet boating experience is crowned by the near silent electric motor.

Decades of Boating Experience Meets the Luster of the Golden Age of Hollywood

The design, technology, and materials of CAVA 350 bring decades of boating experience together with the luster of Hollywood’s golden age. We build each boat by hand at our workshop in Central Finland, on the shore of Lake Leppävesi. The boats we build here are infused with fresh countryside air, the squawks of gulls, and the light of the sun shining high in the sky. Each boat can also be customized in accordance with the owner’s wishes.